is an innovative solution to produce drinkable water from Ocean salty water using algae.
Damage of water scarcity
1. Water and energy crisis.
By 2025 30 % of people will live in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity.
The food industry released over 31,690 kilotons of CO2 in 2018, it will reach over 104,700 kilotons by 2025.

2. Food and water scarcity
By 2040, food scarcity will become a major global issue.
Why algae?
As a key source of food for human beings, domestic animals, and fishes.
High-value products such as high-protein foods and supplements.
Raw material in the preparation of creams, sauces, etc.
Use as an antibiotic.
Used as medicine and drug delivery.
Particular usage as a blood coagulant.
Used in the preparation of toothpaste, cosmetics, etc…
What is our idea
Contribution to the key chain of sustainable development by introducing a revolutionary integrated “Green Technology” for the production of biomass and freshwater from saline and/ or wastewater.
Who we are
We are a dexter group that wants to find creative ideas to help the world. Our group has been divided into 5 robust professors in different fields of agriculture who presently aimed to help improve agricultural methods with the most efficiency. The priority of water scarcity around the world makes us think about helping our planet and reducing the chemicals that spread all around which cause irreparable consequences.
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